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10 Ways to Make Money While Traveling

There’s absolutely nothing so great as working and also traveling at the same time. Never allow the job to hinder you from traveling: if you do it right, you can take your work with you.


Work as a Freelance Writer

freelance writerTravel and lifestyle writers enjoy their job while traveling to various places. They also get to enjoy VIP treatments in hotels, tourist attractions, and restaurants in exchange for good reviews and write-ups.


If you have plans of starting out on this career, there are various freelance writing  projects you could do—from creating sales copy for websites to creating travel reviews, writing newsletters and blogs for numerous businesses.


Perform on Streets

If you are confident with your skills or talents, then why not show it off to an audience?

Dancing, singing, acting and whatever abilities you have –-or  unusual body parts that you do not mind revealing off for cash—will help you make a couple of bucks. Busking your abilities and painting your own body in glitters could give you enough to buy a dish and a room in a hostel for the evening. Just see to it you’re not breaking any local laws on public decorum.


Work in an international travel show

Sign up with a festival, songs band, dancing program, or movie theater. You’ll get the chance to showcase your talent(s) and explore different places.

Obviously, it’ll be difficult as well as you’ll have no leisure time, but if your objective is pure traveling then it deserves a try. You’ll get to meet celebrities and other interesting people along the way.
Accept Seasonal Jobs

fruit picking
If you endure being outdoors for long periods and also don’t mind becoming filthy, you can bounce from north to south of Australia looking for ranches with big yards or plantation.

Picking fruits might be for you if you love nature and its produce. This job is seasonal so you can work part-time.



Resort or Summer Camp Work
Resorts and summer camps are frequently located in stunning regions in Australia, be it coastline or hills. The job calls for lots of energy and the typical agreements restrict you from leaving the camp location or cruise liner. Well, that means you can save money for free travel time.


Hostels, bars, and dining establishments
It’s quite very easy to land a job in a place with lots of tourists, especially on peak seasons. Competition also become even more challenging on off seasons. Being multi-lingual gives you a lot of benefits.

Having a working holiday visa will certainly motivate the local business owners to select you over those much less organized.


Be a Professional Travel Photographer

travel photographer There are impressive travel pictures to be taken.
Being an effective travel digital photographer does not happen overnight, however, if you could hone your abilities, create a good portfolio and also offer your images, it is an awesome job that will certainly give you cash while taking a trip.




Painting Houses

If you have a brush and paint with you, then you can go grab a painting job.  Many Australians are fond of beautifying or remodeling their homes, so a painting job can both help you and those enthusiasts. And since there are available jobs across Australia or other cities outside your state, you can also take this time to travel.


Be a nanny or au pair

Being an au pair or baby-sitter can be a great way to make money, earn money, and travel. This is only possible if you love kids and have some experience in caring for kids.

Indigenous English speakers are extremely in-demand as au pairs all over the globe. Your employers will be the one to cover most of your expenses and they take you with them on a vacation.


Work as a tour guide

tour guideIf you have great knowledge about the place and can interact well with different people from various cultures, then tour guiding is a great job for you! You’ll meet fascinating people and travel around, without dragging your feet off to work.




Working while traveling

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