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How to Tow a Caravan Safely?

Aussies enjoy caravanning a lot. Based on the last demographics merely over half a million of motorhomes and caravans were signed up in Australia, and the distance traveled went roughly 607 million kilometers  in one year across Australia

With the increasing number of campers and RV enthusiasts plus the interest in pulling caravans  in the 1.6 to 3 tonne array means towing safety becomes a major concern. If you’re into caravanning, make sure to heed from these tips to ensure your safety.


Your vehicle’s towing capacity

Towing a caravan or individual trailer is regulated by the Australian government. You can locate the tow rating in your vehicle’s manual. The rating gives you idea on the maximum trailer weight ability and also a trailer weight ball ability.

Do not attempt to exceed the allowed weights.


Your vehicle’s towbar and the maximum load capacity of the coupling

For risk-free towing it’s compulsory to match the vehicle with a well-suited towbar. The tow bar should have a certified weight rating. The load capacity of the trailer and the towbar must be equivalent or more than the weight of the trailer.

If you have actually purchased a used  vehicle with a tow bar fixed have it inspected for maximum load capacity.

Keep safety checks a habit

safety check on the tow vehicle and trailer
Regular checks of your tow vehicle and also caravan or trailer will certainly lower break downs and also guarantee your safety.

Along with the water, coolant, oil and also brake liquid checks, see to it you check the trailer tires, specifically if it hasn’t been used for some time.


Inspect the wheel nuts on your automobile and trailer, and also make sure the coupling and  tow ball are matched. The safety chains must be properly hooked up. Ensure that the trailer brake as well as light connections are well functioning . If they have not been used for a while, splashing WD40 right into the electric outlets can do the trick.

Examine that towing lights, number plates and also registration labels are all noticeable. Check closely the wheel bearings, tyres, and springs. Consistently inspect gas containers and also LPG regulators.


Preventing caravan sway

Stay put when the caravan starts to sway. To prevent this, use the manual control to apply the caravan’s electric brakes. Continue moving at slow acceleration until the sway stops.

When the sway stops, keep the load equally dispersed within the trailer and the heavy items are positioned in the axels.


Slow Down and Brake

Preparing for the problems in advance will allow safe braking. Slowing down early when coming close to traffic lights enables time for that  traffic to clear and it’s less complicated for your vehicle as well as brakes.

Make use of the equipment on the tow vehicle for engine braking. This will help avoid brake fade and wear.

The idea of towing a caravan could be discouraging. But it’s entirely worth it to have a cost-effective –and most of all, enjoyable vacation.


Towing a Caravan

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